The Band

Alan Rondeau

Has his own pen which is why he gets to write all the songs!

Plays Guitar, Mandolin & Sings





Martin Hartup

Ticks all the right boxes!

Plays Guitar (with a slice of bread in the sound hole) & Sings





Dave Norman

Has a heart of gold and wishes he could remember where he put it!

Plays Bass & Sings


Andy P


Andy Powell

Needs a bit of practice at pole dancing….

Plays Banjo (when no-one is listening!), Harmonica, random Concertina & Sings




Julian Pentz

He gotta coat and he`s gonna wear it!

Plays, Fiddle & Viola. Sings (as far as we can tell!)




NIgel Fox was an original member of Palmerston and played and sang on our first and second albums, Out On A Limb & Itchy Blood. Sadly he went off-planet, but is still remembered for his love of life and music.

Peter Ball was also an original member of Palmerston and along with Nigel, they became known to the band as, “The Naughty Boy`s” which was a title duly deserved! They brought much joy and laughter to many of the bands musical journeys….!

Pete`s musical inventiveness and skills will be missed by many and just like Foxy, has left a huge hole in many hearts and lives.
le fox

Hear Here…